Fire Proofing gets you ahead of the curve

Passive Fire Protection Application by trained and competent professionals

Stop the effect of devastating fire before it begins.

With a certified passive fire protection installation you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your structures stand a better chance of surviving catastrophic fire, while the spread of toxic smoke and fire is also inhibited. In the case of petrochemical plants such as refineries, drilling rigs, oil wells, etc, the threat of fire will always be an ever-present and very real factor to contend with, but with PFP, the safety of your personnel is enhanced, as the spread of smoke and fire is contained and this buys valuable time for people to evacuate to safety. Because of PFP, first responders will also enjoy enhanced safety in the deadly conditions they encounter, knowing the structures around and above them are unlikely to collapse in spite of the extreme temperatures to which they are being exposed.


  • + Petrochemical plants,
  • + Mining,
  • + Commercial structures,
  • + Retail buildings,
  • + Apartment buildings,
  • + Houses.

Passive fire protection helps minimize the devastation

We only make use of certified materials for our PFP coatings and have years of experience in managing industrial and domestic coating applications projects. We will walk you through every step of the process and at the end, will hand over to you a building guaranteed to save lives. In real world experience, occupants of one room in a residential home were completely unaware of a fire that had broken out in the living room next door. Only when the fire fighters arrived did the family become aware that the danger of fire was present in their home. They had suffered no smoke inhalation and were not threatened by the fire in any way.

PFP is good for First Responders too

Line Of Duty Death (LODD) is a real and present danger to the brave men and women who fight fires on American soil every day. This danger is heightened in the presence of the modern, lightweight, engineered wood products that are being increasingly used in construction. While these materials have significant weight and cost savings for home owners, they present a new breed of hazard to fire fighters because these materials simply do not possess the physical bulk of traditional lumber products, and therefore they are consumed faster in fires. This leads to collapse of attic voids and basement crawl spaces, which in turn means a higher risk of injury for our first responders.
With the application of a certified PFP system on homes and commercial structures, fire fighters are given valuable time in which to search for and rescue inhabitants and gain a tactical advantage over a fire. What's more, the damage to the structure will be minimised and may even be contained to only one living area, which means the home can be repaired and made usable faster than ever.

Passive fire protection helps protect first responders