Vehicle Fire Protection Systems

Passenger Vehicle Fire Protection

There is a safer way.

In extensive, real-world usage by fire departments all over the Southern African subcontinent, and in demonstrations and tests on American soil, we have proven conclusively that there is no more reliable and super-effective extinguishing agent on the market for Class A and Class B fires than Protect-o-Burn's self-expanding fire fighting foam, and we know:

  • Protect-o-Burn foam is highly resistant to cold temperature,
  • Its constituent ingredients do not separate over time,
  • and it suffers no adverse defects when exposed to vibration or when left completely untouched for prolonged periods of time.

For all these reasons, we have shown that our fire fighting foam is by far the best extinguishing agent available for on-board fire suppression activities on any type of vehicle. We are currently investing in research into alternate materials in which we can store our patented fire fighting foam and we hope to soon have a robust, simple and reliable answer to this ongoing problem in passenger motor vehicles.

In the meantime, we have developed an effective, on-board fire suppression system for school busses that is easy to install and maintain and is robust enough to withstand the challenging environment of road transportation:

School Bus Fire Protection

It can be manually activated or it can rely completely on autonomous activation by means of fire detection technology that is robust enough to withstand the environment. Your bus maintenance personnel from your school district will be trained either online by means of video tutorials, or at our state-of-the-art training facility, and once they are certified will be authorized to install and maintain the systems. We supply the fire protection systems to you in ready-to-install kit form and can ship replacement foam cylinders overnight anywhere in the southern 50. With our certified, easy-to-use fire protection systems, there is no further reason why your fleet should be unnecessarily exposed to fire risk.

We are currently engaged in co-operative research and development with the military industry for the protection of troop transport vehicles.

Protect-o-Burn's superior, pre-manufactured fire fighting foam makes it easy to protect our troops in both extreme heat and cold. What's more, our systems are designed to consist of the absolute minimum number of components and parts so their likelihood of failure is greatly reduced. This also makes our systems extremely simple to maintain and repair, even under fire.

Wind Turbine Fire Protection

Wind Turbine Fire Protection The problems in this particular application are three-fold:

  1. [1] Wind turbines are inherently more exposed to the world's most powerful ignition source, namely lightning,
  2. [2] Flammable hydraulic and transformer oils are carried on board at a great height above the ground and when these are ignited it is very difficult, if not impossible to pump water up to the nacelles,
  3. [3] Wind farms are by nature located in remote sites leading to delays in emergency response times,
Wind Farm Fire Protection

A Protect-o-Burn fire protection system is the ideal choice for these applications because for one thing, Protect-o-Burn's unique, pre-manufactured, Self-Expanding Fire Fighting Foam [SEFFF] loses a minimal 15psi of pressure for every 300ft of elevation, which is a 10 times better performance than water. This makes it extremely easy for us to install a vessel filled with our foam at the base of the supporting tower, and then confidently reticulate our SEFFF up to whatever height it may be needed.

Because our SEFFF also requires no external dependancies such as pumps or power supplies or mixing devices we are able to offer a simple, trouble-free fire protection system for what was previously believed to be an unsolvable problem.

Hydraulic Fracturing Truck Fire Protection

Frac Truck Fire Protection

As the natural gas boom continues, Hydraulic Fracturing Trucks will need to carry on operating far from established resources like underground firewater pipelines, hydrants and well-staffed and equipped fire departments.
So, for operators on these sites, fire protection will remain a major challenge to be overcome. It's not uncommon for an entire fracking site to go up in flames when a fire event occurs. The gas being produced is under pressure, the trucks are running hot as they mix and pump and do their work, and flammable fuel sources are to be found every which way you turn. It's a ticking time bomb on the best day, and a disaster waiting to happen.

Frac Truck Fire Protection Frac Truck Fire Protection

Fortunately, Protect-o-Burn's SEFFF (Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam) makes it simple to protect the equipment in these remote well sites.

Our hydrocarbon-fire-busting foam is fully aspirated and stored under pressure on site with no need for pumping devices or mixing devices or in fact any other dependency to get straight to work.
In the case of a Frac Truck, the foam is stored on-board.
So, together with simple to maintain and robust fire sensing equipment installed on the frac trucks, all it takes is a push of a button or a signal from a fire detector to activate the immediate and overwhelming fire suppression response of our fire-busting foam.

Copper SX Plant Protection

Building on our unique fire fighting philosophy of hitting a fire early, hitting it fast and hitting it hard we are able to offer fire protection systems for a wide range of industries. The latest in which we are able to offer an exciting solution is the Copper SX industry. In 10 years, 8 out of 9 Copper SX fire incidents led to total devastation. This has led to Copper SX plants needing to be self-insured for astronomical amounts of operational cash that gets tied up unnecessarily.
If you own or operate a Copper SX plant you don't have to suffer this any longer...
We have designed the world's first Copper SX Fire Protection system capable of extinguishing a fire raging throughout an entire stream or train, within 60 seconds. You and your shareholders will be thrilled. With insurance rebates it will pay for itself within 3-5 years.