Fire & Rescue Vehicles

It's not entirely an emergency response vehicle, but neither is it an immobile fire protection system.
Our flowback tank protection trailer is a mobile unit that can be placed wherever it may be needed to automatically protect against fires that commonly occur in flowback tanks on remote oil sites.
With 3,000gal (expanded) of immediately available fire fighting foam stored in a pressure vessel and a simple, yet robust fire detection device installed, this trailer is guaranteed to kill a flowback tank fire in under 60 seconds.
No other manufacturer can provide you with this level of fire protection in this environment.

We build:

  • Wildland pumpers,
  • Tankers,
  • Airport crash tenders,
  • Urban pumpers,
  • Industrial pumpers,
  • Heavy duty rescue vehicles.

We have proven that it is possible to fight fires off a very small platform indeed, if your extinguishing agent is capable of delivering the goods. The Fire Phantom was a concept vehicle based on the BMW R1200GS Adventure, with potential applications in the urban metro environment. We fitted it with almost 50lt of our patented Self Expanding Foam (SEF) with an expansion ratio of 1:10, and with this miniature, one man operated fire engine we successfully demonstrated that a motorcycle could easily fight a vehicle fire.
With this extreme mobility and knockdown power, we were certain the concept would enjoy widespread support in the metros. However, it became evident that today's typical metro fireman has little to no experience riding motorcycles. Never-the-less, the point remains that we continue to challenge convention and to push the envelope in helping our firemen do more with less. And rest assured, we will continue to do so...

A Protect-o-Burn Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam equipped rapid response vehicle puts the cold, wet, white, bubbly stuff on the hot stuff faster than any other system out there. What's more, the quality of the first drop of foam is perfect.
That means there is NO waiting whatsoever for the mix to correct itself before you can start applying fire fighting foam. Instead, you can get straight to work saving lives and property.
Nowhere else is this more crucial than in the high octane, high thrills world of motor sport.

Specialist vehicles

Fully equipped specialist fire incident command, or training vehicles are somewhat of a specialty to us.

UTV Fire & Rescue vehicles

We also have experience in manufacturing small fire fighting and rescue vehicles based on off-road utility vehicles.

Underground mining cassette systems

And last but not least, we also manufacture specialist fire fighting cassette systems for underground mining utility vehicles supplied by most major manufacturers.

Hazmat trailers

Having a standby hazmat trailer is the most cost-effective way of maintaining an effective hazmat response in the mining environment. We'll custom-fit your trailer in any configuration and deliver it to you fully stocked and ready to go.

Rescue trailers

We also have experience in manufacturing small fire fighting and rescue vehicles based on off-road utility vehicles.

Fire trailers

We have made a name for ourselves in the coal mining industry with massive knockdown power on a compact trailer chassis.

Rapid Intervention Vehicles

Getting to an incident, safely and fast requires a reliable machine with care and attention lavished on its details.

Medium foam tenders

Delivering almost 10,000lt of instantly available fire fighting foam, the WASP is no small contender.

On any platform...

Superstructures built from engineering HDPE mean a lifetime warranty against corrosion with added weight-saving benefits that also result in lower running costs.