Our mascot, the fire angel

Symbol of our unceasing commitment to making our violent and flammable world, a safer place for us all

Bulk Fuel Storage

We design, supply, install and maintain industrial-grade Fire Protection Systems for bulk fuel storage facilities

Copper SX Plants

Can easily be protected by an overwhelming fire fighting foam response to Organic fires

Conveyor Belts

And materials-handling can be protected from fire by a quality fire fighting foam that can be installed almost anywhere


We have a decade of experience in working on remote mining locations

Emergency Response Vehicles

We design, supply, repair, upgrade and maintain all types of emergency response vehicles

A little goes a long way

The water crisis is real. We manufacture the hardest working foam extinguisher money can buy

Fuel transfer sidings fire protection
Bulk fuel storage fire protection
mobile fire fighting on small but effective vehicles
trailers can be equipped with massive fire fighting capability to rival small pumpers

Don't fear it - FIGHT it!

Is more than just a catchy slogan to us

It's understanding that a courageous person must sometimes put their life on the line to protect property or save the life of another, and that it's our responsibility to equip them with their very best chance at doing it safely and successfully.

- It's about always pressing on. It's about improvising, learning, adapting, and innovating in order to make our world a safer place for everyone.