...provides 4,000lt of
powerful fire fighting foam
easy to deploy and use anywhere, underground!


...provides 4,000lt of
powerful fire fighting foam
easy to deploy and use anywhere, on surface mining operations!


...provides safety
and convenience
at low running cost


...provides up to 8,000lt of
immediate fire fighting foam on a
double-axle, road-going trailer!


...provides up to 8,000lt of
immediate fire fighting foam
on a rapid response platform,
perfect for small airfields!


...provides up to 1,600lt of
immediate fire fighting foam anywhere on
small golf estates, country-clubs, factories, warehouses, workshops, airport parking lots, and much much more!


...provides up to 450lt of
immediate fire fighting foam anywhere on
congested freeways and motorways!

SEFFF also
MASSIVELY scalable!
...up to 13,000gal instantly available...

Our signature series

Scalable Instantaneous Response to Fires of all sizes

Our "Signature Series" and most unique offering to the fire and emergency response sector is based on our Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam (SEFFF).

Providing an instantaneous overwhelming fire fighting response, to a fire fighter working alone on a compact and mobile motorcycle, for example, is easy when you have a robust, reliable, immediately available fire fighting foam that is itself compact, lightweight and easily transportable.

the Fire Phantom is a compact fire engine based on a BMW motorbike

Our mobile trailers are particularly popular in coal-mining operations where they do duty in extreme open-cast pit mining operations. Being able to install an oversized "fire extinguisher" in an underground utility vehicle "cassette" is just another example of how SEFFF technology continues to help make dangerous workplaces safer every day.


  • QUESTION: How do you fit a pump and a water tank on a motorcycle?
    Surely you can't suggest...
    • ANSWER: You Don't

      Instead you install an oversized "fire extinguisher" filled with a top-quality, 1:10 expansion ratio fire fighting foam that is immediately available, with sufficient knockdown pressure to save lives in precious seconds. In the case of a motorcycle, we can provide up to 500lt of expanded fire fighting foam for a 90 second application at an average of 800kPa through a 3/8" nozzle and a 15m hose.
      This provides reach and sufficient fire knockdown, cooling and retardant to save lives in a motor vehicle crash, with the added benefit of being on a nimble and mobile platform, particularly useful for today's busy and congested motorways.

  • QUESTION: Can such a small package make a real difference?
    I mean, it's really not that big...
    • ANSWER: Oh yes it does.

      An international petrochemical company approached us and asked if our portable fire extinguishers could not only extinguish but also sufficiently cool a road tanker tyre fire. We built a test rig and conclusively, repeatedly, demonstrated under a variety of prerequisite conditions that with only 2 of our 9lt fire extinguishers we could not only extinguish any tyre binding fire incident, but also completely stop it from reigniting again.

      Imagine that same knockdown power scaled up from 180lt for the expanded volume of 2 x 9lt extinguishers, to 5,000lt for a single-axle, trailer-drawn, mobile fire fighting unit with enough fire knockdown power to tame fires in opencast coal mining operations.
      Or imagine the expanded knockdown power of 10,000lt of AR-AFFF on a suitably rated LDV for operations on a small-to medium sized aerodrome, for optimal running costs and excellent efficiencies.

      In many significant ways, it's easy to see how such a small package can make a real difference...

  • QUESTION: I can use it underground?
    • ANSWER: Yes. Even in fiery/hot mines

      Because a vessel of SEFFF requires no pumps and no mixing devices and practically no dependencies whatsoever, it eliminates practically everything that not only complicates underground fire fighting, but also could add further hazards to an already dangerous workplace.

      A UV cassette fitted with a 500lt vessel of SEFFF provides up to 5,000lt of expanded foam, available in 2 x 1" hoses of 30m each, for immediate, safe response to any** underground fire incident in any type of mine.
      **isolate/de-energise any live electrical equipment