...Pumpers, Tankers, Mixed Rescue/Pumpers, Rescue, Hazmat


...Pumpers, Tankers, Mixed Rescue/Pumpers, Rescue, Hazmat, Proto, Wildland


...we offer some of the most reliable and most powerful pump technology available today


...superior pump technology from one of the world's earliest panoramic aircraft crash tender builders


...proven offroad technology doesn't have to come at a premium.
Efficient European powertrain technology can relieve some of the pressure you have on your operational budget


...all makes and applications / just the vehicle / or fully equipped turnkey


...Proto-teams, Hazmat, Lighting Rigs, Pump units, Gensets, Other


Municipal, Industrial, Wildland, Airports, Mining, Other

No matter what your required configuration may be, we have you covered.

proven and trusted fire fighting response technology all over the world

From single unit purchase and maintenance and repair, to fleet delivery, monitoring, maintenance, etc.


  • QUESTION: I know I must get a fire engine, but I don't know which one is right for me.
    Can you help...

    • ANSWER: Yes we can

      Protect-o-Burn is well-versed with the relevant NFPA and EN codes, as well as various other local codes and laws.
      We are thus able to help you conduct your own internal/municipal/district fire risk assessment based on your local bylaws and national standards, so that when it comes time to go out on tender you have an accurate, legally compliant tender specification to work with.

      Naturally, we are also able to deliver what you need.

  • QUESTION: How do I know I can trust you to look after my vehicles once I've bought them from you?
    What if your service sucks...?

    • ANSWER: Sometimes, at pressure moments, it will.

      But we have the grit and determination and an incredibly motivated team, with the mutual understanding that lives and property are at stake, so we get things done.

      And to put it another way, the active fleet of Protect-o-Burn supported vehicles has grown to more than 30,000 work hours/month.
      These are our satisfied return clients, and some of them with operational vehicles from day one of our operations, still doing active duty, not to mention the growing support we now offer in Southern Africa for the SIDES fleet dating from the 1990's.

  • QUESTION: Can you handle a large order?
    • ANSWER: Yes. We are a stable company with a proven track record.

      With sound fiscal policy, and making the hard changes needed, we have successfully grown and consolidated a proven business model on 2 continents, founded on proven, next-generation fire fighting technology.