Heroes of longevity

...those who keep things running and who catch small problems for you before they become big ones.

Metrics and standards

...Everything in the fire service is measurable and should be performing to spec.

Breathe new life

...into your existing fleet. Be conservative with your spend. Let's help you minimise costs.

Let's STOP

...those taps from running dry. Routine pump maintenance is crucial in the business of saving lives.

Basic Upgrades

...of all shapes, types and sizes are available.

After-sales service

What happens next?

Maintenance, refurbishment and repair is where reputations are made or lost.

proven and trusted fire fighting response technology all over the world

Protect-o-Burn has a proven track record of looking after old vehicles and making them work and shine like new again..


  • QUESTION: I have some very old machines standing around. I doubt you can do anything for them.
    Or can you...?

    • ANSWER: Yes we can

      Worst-case scenario: if you can get the vehicle to us, we can take a no-obligation look to tell you what the trouble is.

  • QUESTION: Do you have a replacement/standby vehicle for me?
    How do I maintain continuity of service...?

    • ANSWER: Protect-o-Burn has a limited pool of standby vehicles available.