Born to prevent tragedy

The tragedy of observing a preventable vehicle fire kickstarted everything.
In 2003 Protect-o-Burn's founder Jaco du Plessis
recognised the need for a faster-acting
and higher quality fire fighting foam.

He also knew he didn't want the complications, dependencies or maintenance-intensive hassle of conventional pump and admixing technology.

Jaco took action and Protect-o-Burn was born.

We believe it is every person's right to be protected
from injury or death caused by preventable fires.

Our mission is to leverage the numerous technical advantages of our patented
Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam (SEFFF)
to save lives and make the globe a safer, greener world for us all by extinguishing large, damage-causing fires before they get a chance to begin.


In reaching out to and working with engineering professionals over many years and in many industries, Protect-o-Burn will continue to develop ground-breaking solutions to difficult fire protection problems where it was previously never thought possible.


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