Extremely Fast Acting

 Freeze Resistant

Requires no Reticulated Water

Next Generation OIL & GAS Fire Protection

when there is NO time to waste

With a fire, there is no time to sit around and wait.
Every second lost in response raises the stakes and escalates risk.

Response Time

0-1 minutes
Minor Damages
3-5 minutes
Significant Damage to Entire Structure / Loss of Product
> 10 minutes
Total Structural Damage... / Complete Loss of Product / Permanent Closure of Facilities / Jobs Lost / Damage to Brand / Litigation

Loss of Life...

Protect-o-Burn has a problem-solving, pre-engineered fire protection system for you,
complete with cost-savings on your CapEx budget.

Bulk Fuel Storage
Our pre-engineered fire protection technology comes already assembled.
Protect-o-Burn's patented technology, our Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam or SEFFF, is engineered to supply you with class-leading quantities of always-on, always-ready fire fighting foam with which to vigorously attack and overwhelm today's industrial fires.
Loading Racks
Protection for Train or Truck Loading Racks
Leveraging the technical advantages of SEFFF in its compact form factor, we can install firefighting problem-solving for you in challenging locations.
Remote Site Protection
Don't be fooled by its size...
With a 1:10 expansion ratio, Protect-o-Burn's SEFFF also provides you with a convenient and capable solution in a compact and/or mobile configuration, suited for any kind of temporary or off-site protection you may require. Short-term rental options are available...


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