SEFFF in 220 words

Let's cut right down to the chase....

Protect-o-Burn's Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam (SEFFF)...

is a unique fire-fighting foam product in many ways.

It blurs the distinction between what traditional pumped foam systems, and CAFS can do, capable of delivering huge volumes of foam like massive traditional fire pumps connected to dams, but doing it faster and simpler than CAFS.
And then it goes further.

Our patented SEFFF technology crosses the boundaries between what Foams and other extinguishing mediums like DCP and gaseous or aerosol-based systems can do.
CAFS is complicated. DCP is not.
Neither is SEFFF.

In fact, SEFFF is even simpler to maintain and operate than DCP, much more reliable (it never cakes...), and just as portable. Protect-o-Burn's trailblazing fire fighting foam technology EVEN reticulates almost as high as gaseous systems can, meaning it experiences a virtually insignificant pressure and flow loss, no matter the height your sprinklers are installed.

And if you have the load-bearing capacity,
...you could install enough of it to do the job right on the spot where that difference is sorely needed, and no matter what the problem is.

Going - and - Doing... what no other extinguishing medium can do.

Contact sales@protectoburn.com for more on how Protect-o-Burn's Self-Expanding Fire Fighting Foam can solve your red-line risk management headaches, today.


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