High Speed Response

               Scalable for any platform

Overwhelming power to finish the fire

Next Generation Fire Fighting Technology for First Responders

With an expansion ratio of 1:10 a compact foam vessel by Protect-o-Burn transforms virtually any vehicle into a powerful fire responding machine.

Protect-o-Burn's unique, patented, Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam (SEFFF), offers unmatched versatility, capability and dependability to help first responders get to the fire fast, and get the job done faster and safer.

Featuring affordability per PSI of fire fighting foam performance.
Protect-o-Burn's patented Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam (SEFFF), converts trailers into highly affordable and highly capable standby vehicles, popular in the mining industry.

Small to Medium
In mixed use or solely as SEFFF carriers
One of the prime technical benefits of SEFFF is its mobility, creating capable response vehicles to suit a range of budgets.

Large and XL
A vessel of premixed foam on a foresty vehicle provides all-round capability
With a 1:10 expansion ratio, Protect-o-Burn's revolutionary, patented SEFFF can be configured and included in any number of creative ways as a valuable first response tool.

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