On/Offshore Helideck Fire Protection withSEFFF.

With more than 4 times prescribed requirements...

Protect-o-Burn's Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam (SEFFF)...

offers numerous tactical advantages, chief amongst which is its instantly-on, impressive fire knockdown power in a compact, portable package...

Protect-o-Burn developed it's patented SEFFF technology in an effort to make firefighting faster and safer for fire fighters.
     Faster by providing a pre-mixed foam solution that is immediately available under instant pressure.
     Safer by ensuring 100% consistent foam quality at all times.

In the almost 2 decades since its birth, Protect-o-Burn's SEFFF technology has become an answer to pressing fire safety problems in many workplaces. Industries and sites:
     - where water supply is limited or problematic, or prohibitively expensive,
     - that are inaccessible to reticulated piping,
     - where an instant, overwhelming fire suppression response is the only feasible option for controlling a potential inferno due to the nature and load of the fuel source.
For all these and many more cases, SEFFF is the welcome and affordable antidote.

And now we're turning our attention to helideck protection,

A large enough pressure vessel filled with Protect-o-Burn's Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam is easily portable and can be used for temporary landing sites for example, or can be installed for permanent protection anywhere you can imagine.

Going - and - Doing... what no other extinguishing medium can do.

Contact sales@protectoburn.com for more on how Protect-o-Burn's Self-Expanding Fire Fighting Foam can solve your red-line risk management headaches, today.


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