Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam by Protect-o-Burn

Protect-o-Burn's patented Self Expanding Fire Fighting Foam (SEFFF) technology lowers temperature more than other fire fighting foams.

Peer Reviewed

SEFFF is uniquely able to starve a fire of oxygen by design.

SEFFF is filled with a proprietary blend of innerting gasses.

A good foam "blanket" for maintaining a durable mechanical barrier between the fuel and atmosphere requires a consistent, thoroughly blended and high quality fire fighting foam in order to effectively do so.

This kind of consistent, thoroughly blended quality is notoriously difficult to achieve with a "traditional" on-demand admixing fire protection system.

Lower your one-time capital expenditure with Protect-o-Burn's put-it-where-you-need-it convenience.

and wait till you see how budget-friendly and easy, maintenance is...

In some cases it is possible to retrofit your existing fire protection system with Protect-o-Burn's patented (SEFFF) technology.

Integration with your existing codes-compliant fire fighting equipment, is possible.

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